Waves of Sound
Concert Tour
December 2022


You will be asked to learn nine songs for our performances and provide your Section Leader with personal recordings, allowing them to provide you with reinforcing feedback. Please know that your recordings will not be judged as Pass/Fail. They will simply allow the Director and Section Leaders to get to know your voice and to offer suggestions for fitting your voice into the overall chorus sound. Feedback will come in the form of reviewing note accuracy, words and breath plan. Nuances, like dynamics, diphthongs, vowel matching and interpretation will be worked when we can be together, live and in person.

Note: Your Section Leader or Director will be reviewing and providing feedback. No-one else will have access to your recordings.


All rep songs are listed below with sheet music and learning tracks attached. NWH Opener song is being written for this chorus and will be available mid summer. We Are Family and Harmonize the World will be sung with our sister choruses in HI and are not part of the performance repertoire. We are coordinating with several other choruses, so the version and interpretation are subject to change!


“Clean” sheet music is available using the blue “Sheet” tab. Director-annotated sheet music is available by using the blue “Notes” tab.

Best Day of My Life3Parts Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
It’s the Music that Brings Us Together 4Part Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
Let Freedom Ring 4Part Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
Orange Orange Colored Sky
Four part video NWH Chorus
Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
Almost There 4Part Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
One Voice/Let There Be Peace 4Part Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
Star Spangled BannerBass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
Armed Forces Medley 4Part Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
This is Gonna Be Great!
Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes
Harmonize the World


Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes

We Are Family
Bass Bari Lead Tenor Sheet Notes

Voice Recording Deadlines

  • June 25 Any 3 songs uploaded for review
  • July 16 Off paper on your own personal first 3 songs                     
  • July 16 Any 6 songs uploaded for review
  • August 6 Off paper all songs please!
  • August 6 All songs uploaded for review                    

Solo Recordings

If you are interested in singing the solo parts for Let Freedom Ring and/or One Voice, please submit a separate recording to the Review Music SOLO dropdown on the Upload Content Page. Please be sure they are clearly labeled Solo Audition LFR Your Name or Bari Quartet One Voice Your Name.

Lyric Only Sheets – a tool for your toolbox

The attached lyric sheets for our repertoire are included below. They were developed by NWH Asst. Director B Gail to help singers learning lyrics. It can be particularly useful for those singers who may not read music. B Gail says “I read it like poetry to get my mouth trained & the concepts of the message ingrained. Then I read it in the rhythm of the song. When there’s an echo it’s in (parenthesis) and sometimes its my echo & sometimes not. It helps me understand my part in relationship to others.”