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Meet Our Quartets

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Up To Something

We’ve been Up to Something since 2015! Voted Audience Choice in 2017, 2018, 2022, Bravo Award in 2019. We are a multi-regional quartet. Our Bari Denise sings with Oregon Spirit Chorus in Region 12.

We’ve been Doctors, Pirates, Spokesperson for Youth Potion #9, Rodeo queens. If you watch and listen closely, we often include an “Easter Egg” or two, carried over from previous packages.
We like to tell a story. Most of our ideas start with “what if?”, taking a normal situation and placing it in a not so normal circumstance. A little corny, a little slapstick, a few puns and “groaners”, but it works for us.

Joyful Noise

Emerging from pandemic distancing and anxious for some quartet fun, Margy Kiser, DeLisa Levine, Jo Brehm, and Allison Lew formed Joyful Noise quartet in March 2022.Raised in Oregon, California, New Jersey, and Michigan, they share a love of the diverse landscapes, inspiring people, and the opportunity for adventure living in the Pacific Northwest. 

Two have cats and two have dogs, one member has both. One’s a grandmother and three are mothers. While one works hard, three are retired. One singer drives from Eugene to the three in Portland to rehearse. They represent two Sweet Adeline choruses and two regions. Three had sung in quartets before, and all love ringing chords in four-part harmony. Their repertoire is a variety of old and new, each song brings a positive message sung from the heart. They look forward to sharing the joy of singing with you!